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12 effective lead generation strategies (+ examples)



Constantly chasing for the next business lead can zap precious time from an entrepreneur’s busy schedule. If that sounds familiar, it might be time to get a proper lead generation strategy set up for your business.

But when it comes to business leads, there is more than one way to get the job done. So we’ve got 12 fantastic ideas to inspire you and drive your marketing efforts.

Take a look through these top lead generation strategies and discover the perfect idea to help transform your marketing efforts in 2021 and beyond.

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing involves publishing blog posts, video content, or even podcasts. The simple aim of this content is to attract your target audience by offering valuable information relevant to what you sell.

You can weave promotional messages and call-to-actions in this content without it looking overly promotion. The result, when done right, will be engaged, qualified leads.

2. Run a Contest

If you have a flourishing social media audience, create a buzz in your marketing efforts by running a high profile competition. A contest is simple to set up and a fantastic way to grow your business leads.

Choose a giveaway that has strong links to your flagship service or product so that your competition attracts the right people.

Use a landing page form for the competition entries to capture email addresses and grow your list of subscribers.

3. Create an Affiliate Program

Why not grow your business leads by getting other people to do the promotions for you?

A tried-and-tested way of doing that is to launch an affiliate program. An affiliate program will allow affiliates to earn a commission for each business lead they refer to you.

There are plenty of affiliate networks you can join that will connect you with thousands of affiliate marketers. All you need to do is have a fantastic product and an attractive commission.

4. PPC Ads

If you want quick results and have a decent marketing budget, consider spending your money on PPC ads. That will drive high volumes of traffic to your landing page, where you can collect new leads.

The beauty of PPC is your ability to monitor and optimize ad performance. That will help you reduce your cost-per-click and improve conversion rates as you fine-tune your ad design, copy and landing page.

5. Try a Facebook Group

One of the most helpful lead generation tips is all about cultivating trust. Build trust with your audience, and you will find that audience naturally drawn to buying from you.

Facebook groups are an excellent way to connect with and grow an online audience.

You can build a relationship with your audience via a Facebook group and easily take this one step further. Posts offering a new promotion or free offer will generate regular quality leads.

6. Grow an Email List

Email marketing is still popular, and there’s a straightforward reason as to why. When you grow your email list, you own those leads. You aren’t at the mercy of search algorithms or ever-changing social media policies.

Use a simple landing page to capture email addresses and create an email sequence to welcome new subscribers to your email list.

7. Create a Freebie

Offer something for free, and you will consistently attract new leads to your business. That could be a free trial, a free consultation, a freemium product or a free service. It could even be a free eBook or video series.

Whatever you choose for your freebie, it should ideally be an entry-level offer to your core product or service. That will provide a natural stepping stone for your new leads to become loyal, paying customers.

8. Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are here to stay, so you need to get found on Google if you want to have plentiful leads. And if you are specifically looking for the best b2c lead generation strategies, add search engines to the top of your list.

That means investing in search engine marketing so that you appear on the first page of Google when potential customers search for your product or service.

9. Run a Webinar

Hosting an event will give you a chance to get in front of your target customer and present your business to them. You can do this using a face-to-face event. Still, it is equally as powerful when done virtually using a webinar.

Create a landing page that will allow people to sign up for your webinar and if you have the budget, run ads to attract people to that landing page.

Provide plenty of value in the webinar and finish with a short promotional section with a compelling offer to your audience.

10. Build a Referral Partnership

One of the best B2B lead generation strategies is to tap into the existing customer base of another business.

Identify complementary business sectors with a similar customer profile. Connect with an equal size company to see if they are open to a partnership, where you refer each other’s customers.

11. Use Chatbots

Live chat, or chatbots via messenger services, is an effective lead generation strategy for businesses looking for a low-cost way to engage with potential customers and turn them into new business leads.

Invest in a chatbot tool and create an automated chat sequence. Make sure you monitor conversion rates, as this will help you optimize your chatbot marketing efforts.

12. Try Influencer Marketing

If you are a small company looking to reach a large audience, a highly effective way to get seen and heard is to hop onto someone else’s audience.

That is influencer marketing. The right influencer can potentially bring in hundreds of high quality leads for your business.

There are online agencies to help you connect with influencers. You can reach out to top influencers in your niche and pay them to promote your product or service.

Lead Generation Strategies to Transform Your Business

These 12 lead generation strategies are the starting point for growing your business and getting more sales.

If you enjoyed this lead generation guide, let us help you get more leads for your business brand.