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Seo last month september 2021 | latest updates from google search, google ads, and bing



Hi, for your ease of learning I am writing this blog for your SEO activities

1st August – New requirements in math solvers type schema data:

Google is improving their maths solver schema data requirements

25 march 2021 google launched this schema data for educational websites

maths solver schema data

Google added 3 new requirements for this schema data

  1. If your hosting server can handle frequent scrowl
  2. If same math solver is used on multiple url then please use canonical tags
  3. Entire content of math solver souldn’t be login or payroll

Do not use promotional content in math solver schema data

Google official announcement

4 August Microsoft launched MEB system

MEB = Make Every Feature Binary

Microsoft is using MEB in Bing search engine


Microsoft official update

4 August – Google removed safe browsing from page experience report




Mobile Friendliness


No intrusive interstitials

Safe browsing

Google official update

9th August – Google launched V1.7 of Google ads editor

  1. It supports Hotal ADS
  2. You can download only parts of a campaign now
  3. You can create youtube audio ads with it
  4. It supports lead form extensions too.

Google official update

10th August – Google’s new steps for users of 18 years and less

  1. Content uploaded by users 13-17 years will be published in private mode by default.
  2. Safe search will be on by default for users of 18 years or less.
  3. Google smart display’s browsers will have safe search on by default.
  4. Location history for users of 18 or less will be turned off by default
  5. Advertisers won’t be able to target users of 18 years or less based on Age, Gender & Interests.

Google official update

10th August – Google launched Author.url in article type schema data

Google official update

16th August – Google announced worldwide availability of indexing bug reporting tool

Google official update through twitter

16th August – Indexing Bug Reporting page

dexing bug reporting page

Indexing bug reporting page

17th August – YouTube announced new features

Youtube will translate the title, caption & description if there is no relevant search result in the user’s language.

Youtube official update

24th August – Link spam update roll out completed

Google official update #twitter

24th August – Google announced updates to title generation policy

Google official update

30th August – Google accepted data loss on 23-24 August

Google official update

31st August – Google shutting down extended text ads

Google official update