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Seo updates last month october 2021 | latest updates from google search, google ads, and bing



1. Microsoft bing launched a content submission API in public

3rd September 2021

  • This API can be used to inform bing about the changes in your website’s content.

Official update

2. Google completed roll out of page experience update

3rd September 2021

The rollout has started on 15th June.

The page experience factor is the tiebreaker ranking signal.

Official update

3. Google news will now show non-AMP pages in the feed as well.

8th September 2021

For featuring your blogs or news in google news AMP is not mandatory and there is no need take any google approvals for it

4. Microsoft Ads will show optimization scores for advertisers.

8th September 2021

These score helps to optimize Microsoft ad account and Ads

Official update

5. Google Ads will now show a report of the keywords that have received only impression.

9th September 2021

The change is live and will show the data from 1st February 2021.

Google search ads & Dinamic Ads

Official update

6. Google is enforcing the use of Unique Product Identifiers ( GTIN, MPN, Etc.. ) for free merchant listings.

14 September 2021

Official update

7. Google is merging standard display campaign and smart display campaign options.

15 September 2021

Google is planning to automate everything for showing better results over the human errors :)

Official update

8. Google Explained New Title Generation Policy in Detail

17th September 2021

Wrong title tag types

  1. Incomplete title tags -Site Name Only
  2. Obsolute title tags – Incorrect year
  3. Inaccurate title tags – Keyword stuffing
  4. Repeated title tags – A lot of pages are using same title

Official update

9. Firefox testing Bing as Default Search Engine on 1% Users

17th September

Official update

10. Performance report in Google Search Console got stuck

21st September 2021

Official Update

11. Google Launched New Features for Travel Industry

22nd September 2021

Google launched ticket booking links, eco-friendly badge, and things to do type ads for the travel industry

Official update

12. Microsoft Ads Launched Purpose Attributes for Business

23rd September 2021

Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes in advertisements

How to add Marketing with Purpose Business Attributes to your advertising accounts

Official update

13. Google Ads launched DDA Model For Conversation Tracking

27th September 2021

Official update

14. Google Released Information for Ecommerce Websites

28th September 2021

Best practices for ecommerce in Google Search

A critical challenge for any eCommerce website is being discovered. Acquiring customers and building a relationship with them is an important driver of business growth, and Google can help shoppers discover your site at each stage in the shopping journey.

Official update

15. Google Search On 2021

29th September 2021

  • Google is planning to use MUM in the google lense program
  • So we can use Image+Text for Search